Monday, May 2, 2011

Classic Beetle Marvel Legends custom

Here is The Beetle, in his second outfit. The idea appeared when I got my hands on a Beetle ToyBiz from 1996.I liked the character since reading it when he appeared along the Sinister Six fighting Spiderman and Silver Sable.

I thought I would be doing it with a Captain Marvel, but when I looked in my fodder box I couldn't find it, so I ended up having to make it with a Dr. Midnite, which I had to cut his "captain america" boots, and resculpting all the torso. I was tempted to re use the original pre-marvel head as it is quite well done, but it is a bit too small and it could have spoiled the custom, so I went for the hard way and sculpted the head. But I did reuse the hands, as they were perfect for the job. The wings were cut out of different types of plastic and painted slightly so they are a bit translucid.

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