Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tultak Masters of the Universe 200X custom

Here is Tultak, a original character created by me long ago; one of the best things of customizing is being able to give life not only to fanarts, but also to characters you created when you were a kid. Originally I had a He-Man bootleg, with the body all silver, but somehow I lost his head (as the glue on the torso was weak and it came apart easily) and so I made a plastiline head for him. Somedays ago I thought that I might as well immortalize him and improve him a bit in a 200X style to fit in my collection.

His bio; Tultak and Ziron (the green guy at the side of Two-Bad) were beings from the depths of space that search for magic treasures, specially the Rock of Disappearance, with the power of disintegrate anything in its way. They managed to enter the secret castle of Goljian (another character I invented) and they stealed some of his secrets. Inside, Tultak was clumsy and broke a magic sphere, which imbued him with bizarre powers. They also found out that the rock is actually one of the treasures kept in Castle Grayskull, so they went forth to Eternia. (story continues on Ziron's Bio entry)

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