Saturday, May 5, 2012

Celeste Morne Star Wars KOTOR custom figure v3

This my last and super-mega-detailed-articulated-definitive version of Celeste Morne. I've done in the past two other versions, both were good at their time, but I decided to make this definitive version.

I looked specifically what body I could use, I thought of many SW figures but I had to desist due to their rarity (and I can't customize a figure I want for my collection!). So I decided for a X-23 of Marvel Universe.

But there was a problem.

The X-23 is badly proportionated -far too long legs- so I had to cut them and reglue them so she is as tall as a regular Clone Trooper. I took out the rubber parts, resculpted everything, I made a mechanism for the shoulder pads (the previous ones didn't have it), and I made a ponytail with Magic Sculp which I later casted in rubber so it can bend, being able of moving freely her head.

I chromed slightly her shoulder pads, and painted with Tamiya Clear Yellow the lightsaber.

So this is the definitive version until I have another attack of perfectionism and I make a better one ;) .

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