Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shadi Yu Gi Oh custom figure anime Yugioh

Original custom

Once upon a time, in a far, far... well, not so far house, I tried my first attempt to create a articulated figure from scratch (I didn't knew the word custom, back then). Using bodyputty (melted plastic with acetone, the closest I had to cheap & durable sculpting material) it occured to me why not try to make an action figure making part by part (I had made before bodyputty statues). 

I'am not sure why, I chose Shadi (I'am not a fan of Yugioh, I've never seen a complete episode, and I hate the protagonist, anyway) but his face resemblance to an android from Dragon Ball and the circumstance that I received a Tazo/Pog of this character made him the candidate. The result wasn't perfect, but at that time it seemed a triumph. With the passing of time it broke (the articulations were just metal nails onto the plastic) and I kept the main body hoping to repair it someday. 

And recently, looking for what to do with Kamandi, I remembered my original Shadi and decided to make him again with my current skills. At the time I redesigned the body as I only had the tazo/pog with his portrait, and now I have merged that redesign with the authentic looks of the character. I've used real cloth as a homage to that original figure (as it had cloth to hide some points of articulation).

Hope you like it. In my figureverse, he would be A-21, a Dragon Ball android (you will think I'am blind or something, but that tazo/pog really looked like A-17 with turbant!)


Geminis Saint Seiya head
Kamandi body
Starfire lower legs

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