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We can turn any idea or concept into plastic figure life! be it 3.75, 6, 12 inches, you name it. Anything you can imagine we can make. 

Here is how asking for a commission works.

Step 1 You contact us with your idea. It can be a popular character, your own invention, anything. You should specify the scale, if you wish a specific base figure (i.e. modern Marvel Legends body) and a description. If you can provide a image much better. You can be as detailed as you wish, you can give us just a rough idea for we to shape up, or you can send us dozens of pictures showing all details.

Step 2 Then we will reply you with the quote of the cost. You can if you wish provide the base figure or any other part you wish to be used in the custom figure.

Then, if you accept, depending on the custom figure, we will ask you for a deposit (for example, for original creations, or very specific ideas, we would ask full payment upfront). If you ask for a popular custom, and we have the right parts in stock, we won't ask for any payment. Usually only payment to get the parts is asked upfront.

Step 3 The magic begins! work on the figure starts. If you wish we will show you work in progress pictures. If not, once the custom figure is finished, we'll send you pictures for your approval. If you are satisfied with the result, you pay for the figure and we ship it to you. If you aren't, you aren't committed to buy.

Note that time availability might vary, and at some point we might so busy that we cannot accept further commissions. So, if you want to order your own personalised action figure, don't hesitate and ask a quote today.

Please contact to this email address; 

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