Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bog Dog MOTU Iceman custom

Here is Bog-Dog, a character fan made by IceMan, made over a Wrestling deluxe figure, with Beast head, modified to look like a wolf instead of a cat (in the original fanart, he was more like a bulldog, but I adapted it). The chain is from naval modelism and the bone is 100 % sculpting.

Aioria アイオリア Leo Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom

Here is Aioria of Leo, brother of Aioros knight of Sagittarius. Made in his casual training clothes, as he is seen in various flashbacks in the original 80s anime series.

Made over a Myth Cloth Kanon, with Mu head, and random Myth Cloth hands, the rest is sculpting.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prometheus Saint Seiya 聖闘士星矢 Myth Cloth custom

Here is Prometheus, based on a fanart made by Spaceweaver (the fanart was named Proteus, but I thought it looked more like Prometheus so I renamed it). This custom was made specially for the number 4 of the SaintDominioner online magazine which you can look here;


Recipe; Isaac Kraken body, Pope Shion feet, Hades head, Hydra leg protections and some Saint Seiya vintage parts.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dabura ダーブラ Darbura Dabra Dabla Dragon Ball Z Custom

Here is Dabura, King of Demons, that appears in the Buu saga in Dragon Ball Z. He fought Son Gohan to a standstill, and he was in the end defeated by Majin Buu. The more difficult thing of this custom was sculpting his anime head from zero, and getting a good resemblance. I used a Batman cloak and a Spawn sword modified and combined with a cheap sword. The belt was made with a rubber ring and is not glued to the body, so he can move his waist without breaking or having to cut the round belt.

One of the problems that I encountered doing Dabura, was the shoulders, as if I made it of solid magic sculpt it would have blocked completely the articulation, and I hadn't any similar rubber piece (it would have blocked partly the articulation all the same), so I used a blue cloth (it was quite similar to the Game Colour Blue I used, surprisingly), cut and glued to represent his weird outfit and enabling him a good range of articulation.

As it can be seen in the last pic, I sculpted boots, part of the trousers, and torso.

This is my first Dragon Ball Z custom (which is a shame since is my favourite series), which I made for the Figurealm contest "Japanimation", which won the first place; Results

Aracne Tarantula タランチュラのアラクネ Myth Cloth Saint Seiya custom

Here is Aracne Tarantula, a knight sent to defeat Seiya in Jamir, in the anime tv series, but obviously, he failed. Made over an ML Iron Fist figure with Geki Bear head.

Aioros アイオロス Plain Cloth Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom

Here is Aioros, Gold Knight of Sagittarius, with his plain clothes of training, when he saved the goddess Athena from the clutches of the treacherous of Gemini Saga.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Frightorb MOTU Masters of the Universe vintage

Here it is Frightorb, a evil comet warrior, inspired by a fanart made by Monikasvo. I already had the idea of saving all the Stonedars and Rokkons that I get in lots to make them into different rock people, and with this fanart I save the work of designing my own rock people!


Headless Stonedar (head made from scratch)
Unknown 90s toy weapon

Super Snout Spout MOTUC custom

Not being satisfied with the official MOTUC release, I decided to make my own Snout Spout based on a superb fanart I found in the net, making him over a wrestling deluxe (with insane amounts of sculpting everywhere).


WWE Wrestling body
Beast hands
Mongul feet protectors
Random axe
Battle Cat laser as axe handle
Black Manta deposit