Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Ohzaru Celestial Super Saiyan God Blue Dragon Ball Super Custom Figure

Behold! here comes the enormous, giant, ape of the apes, the sacred one! so amazing, he has not appeared yet in the Dragon Ball Super series!

This custom has a loooooooooooooong history. Yes. It started as a random hulk arriving to my hands, 8 years ago. It was quite fast, and I knew it, I had to transform into the Dragon Ball Oohzaru, the great ape. But it also came to my mind, I will be spending tons and tons of epoxy/sculpting material, at that time I was short of cash as to throw it away in such a project. And so it occurred to me; all the spare epoxy I mixed, instead of letting it dry, contaminating, or extending the customizing time forever with new projects, I would add all that to make the fur of our monkey friend. All the surplus epoxy mixed, went into him. Bit by bit the smooth Hulk skin became covered with epoxy, rock solid fur. You can see the WIP pic; there is 5 different epoxy types, all the ones I have used up to date.

Of course, it came to an end; this year no more fur was needed, and so I started properly sculpting the head, and making a tail out of thermoplastic. I have applied layers and layers of different blues to get a realistic appearance, to highlight everything, a bit in the SH Figuarts style.

But then it came to me, it was boring to make just a regular brown Ohzaruu. Golden? maybe, but not special enough. And so, even if I don't specially like all this Super Saiyan God idea of Dragon Ball Super (nor the series, to be honest), the idea seemed ultra cool to me.

And so here it is. My longest time-spanning custom definitely. But I could hardly be prouder of the result. I will now have to start a similar project for all my surplus sculpting epoxy!!!

P.S: Bottle is for comparison purposes. Remember do not drive while drinking or customizing!

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