Sunday, November 29, 2020

Captain Falcon custom figure Fwoosh Secret Santa 2020 Nintendo character Marvel Legends style

I did this Captain Falcon for the Fwoosh Secret Santa 2020 . I was a bit in doubt with the list, I went for the character which I thought will do a best job and keeping more original. I actually started getting parts for another character, but then I discovered it was just announced it's future release soon  :? , so it was back to the drawing board. I decided to make a sort of mix between all the Captain Falcon versions, so it will be always unique, even if it gets released someday (I hate that that happens with a custom, so I went for the least reasonably releasable character  :lol: ). Wasn't feeling very imaginative so I stuck with a regular character.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Golden Mantis Eligor Saint Seiya OVA Custom Myth Cloth figure

Another character of movie/OVA, this time Mantis Eligor. The OVA is rather forgettable in my opinion, but Mantis is the best character, has some unique style in the Saint Seiya series, and puts up a good fight.

Made over a old custom of himself, which only some small bits of armour were kept. Nearly everything was resculpted, most complicated was the shoulder armour and sculpting the hair.


Apollo Saint Seiya Tenkai Hen Custom Figure Myth Cloth

Here is Apollo, god of the Sun! made as in his brief yet mighty appearance in the now forgotten (and half skipped from Saint Seiya continuity now).

In his short appearance, not much of him is seen, so I followed some fanarts that finish to fill it in. Main work here was in sculpting his hair, but the most complicated were the difficulties in fitting the shoulder armour over his cloak.

Done in Myth Cloth style, which requires to use real cloth instead of a more realistic rubber one, so as to fit with the rest of the line.