Monday, June 28, 2021

Medusa Power Version custom figure Saint Seiya Myth Cloth jellyfish

While looking at a Power Ranger figure, it struck me; it was the perfect base body for Medusa, the Ghost Saint. Strong, rather powerful, well articulated but without showing marked muscles, exactly as it should be.

Sea Serpent Super anime Ghost Saints Saint Seiya Custom figures Myth Cloth

This is my latest version of Sea Serpent, every time trying to get closer to the anime and improving over the previous one. I used my Sea Serpent casted head, sculpted armour, and extra bright colours to have a cartoon look.




Sunday, June 27, 2021

Lucifer Myth Cloth OVA Saint Seiya custom figure Warriors of the Final Holy Battle (1989)

This is the main villain of the OVA Warriors of the Final holy Battle of Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac. A baffling and weird design, which at least can brand itself as being different and unique from the usual. More like a japanese demon if you ask me, anyway. Made with a dark G1 Saint Seiya body, cloak cut out of a sporting bag, wings of molten plastic, head of Hypnos bootleg.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Garl Rathbone Green Lantern custom figure DC Universe classics 7"

Here is Garth Rathbone, another cool Green Lantern I was commissioned to do. I thought about making him over a Goro, but was too rare to find, in the end looking at my fodder box I found a wrestler with a large torso, which was perfect to fit to extra arms while looking still natural. Changed his legs as the original was wearing long jeans.

Golden Age Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends figure by Argenta-2008 customs

 Here is a fun one, googling I stumbled onto the Heroclix figure of this version of Deadpool, and thought it was a very cool concept, one I've never seen in action figure form. Looking at my fodder I saw the perfect base figure in Dr.Midnite, and hence, here it is.

Scabbards and swords made out of molten plastic, sculpted mask and details, hands from Sandman, gloves from Deathstroke, Vigilante head, and voilà, Golden Age Deadpool, Wheezy Wilson. I am surprised to be the first one to post it on the Realm!



Dark Ranger Power Rangers Lightning Collection custom figure

Here is Dark Ranger, another cool character from Power Rangers, in this case the recent Dino saga. Done over a Red Dino Ranger of the new Hasbro's Lightning collection. Sculpted head, some extra armour and complete repaint.


Classic Captain Britain custom figure Marvel Legends style Hasbro Toybiz

 This is a custom I had seen done a thousand times, but never actually attempted to do it myself. Was asked to do him, and I after some long researching, the Daredevil of Nemesis wave was the best figure to use. He is gloriously slim, strong at the same time without too marked muscles, and thanks to the base figure, wonderfully poseable and handleable.

The union jacks on his wrists had to be the trickiest aspect of this custom. I would have thought he would have been released by now, but seems there is little love for classic versions nowadays.

Captain Britain MI13 custom figure Marvel Legends new comic style UK Hasbro

I realized I hadn't posted him here! this is MI13 Captain Britain, following a modern comic. Was asked to do him specially in this strong (sentry type) body. Various hands and interchangeable ultimate head were requirements too. Most complicated thing were making the hands easily interchangeable, as didn't have the time to buy all hands and had to engineer them as best I could.

Battalion Stormwatch custom figure Marvel Legends DC Multiverse style Wildstorm image

 This is Battalion. One of those hard hitting, fire first ask later heroes of Stormwatch.

It is actually in depiction, quite a original character. The dome presented the biggest challenge, but thankfully, I tend to keep all sorts of garbage around so I had even a choice :). I carefully cut it out of a plastic box of a 3.75" ogre.

The weapons were made out of various fodder parts. I was running out of Wrestling figures, so I had to make it mashing away pieces of 7 different wrestlers! using various wrestler leftovers, I fused them all in one and managed to get one intact with the features I needed.