Sunday, December 19, 2021

Turman Masters of the Universe Classics Custom figure MOTUC

This is Turman, made it last summer, based on a design by accustom. Sort of Gamera/Slash/Koopa in MOTUC character. Quite complicated to replicate without the original parts, but managed to come out quite well. For me it looks more like an evil Snakemen cousin!


Tentakill MOTUC custom figure He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

This is Tentakill, evil master of deep sea warfare! inspired by a concept by Jin Saotome. I was lucky to have some curious tentacles, which were perfect for this project, as they are stiff, paintable and can even hold Teela up! I changed him a bit, thinking it would be cooler with a smaller brain and some tweaks. 


Snowtooth MOTUC custom figure Masters of the Universe Classics

Here is another of my MOTU customs not yet shown to the world ;) . This is Snowtooth, a character made by Accustomfigures I believe. A quite straightforward kitbash of Stratos and King Carnivus parts, to make a sort of "Thunderian" masters! It was complicated to get nowadays the right parts, I ended up casting most of them.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Ju-Ju MOTU Classics custom action figure

This is Ju-Ju, horde voodoo priest. A concept invented by Joe Amaro, if I recall correctly. It is a cool and interesting concept. Made over a MOTUC Jackalman.

Evermean MOTUC Custom Action Figure Motu He-Man He-ro Adventures

This is my custom of Evermean! meant to be one of the principal villains of the 90s Adventures of He-Ro series, it ended up being just a sketch and a might be. In part I guess the Mike Young 200X cartoon inspired in him to do Evilseed. Nevertheless, he stands as a very cool character on it's own. Made on order for a client, hence the modifications on feet and loincloth expressly asked for.


Rictor Excalibur Marvel Legends custom figure for Secret Santa TheFwoosh 2021

This is Rictor, as he has appeared in it's latest Excalibur comics issues. Made over a Marvel Legends Beetle, with Power Rangers head. All effects, rocks, etc, hand made :) . Done for the Secret Santa TheFwoosh 2021.


Thursday, December 9, 2021

Spacehawk Secret Santa 2021 Custom Figure Vintage Pulp Marvel Legends style

This is Spacehawk ;) , for the Secret Santa event of the Fwoosh. The list was familiar.. as it was the last I got from the Summer Swap :) . Instantaneously I saw Spacehawk as my choice, such a cool character I never heard about! I think it is my favourite character I've done for a custom swap, and I have done quite a few! mysterious, different, stylish. Anyway, I researched to see how I could make him more special, and so made him with two heads, and two weapons, the one that he usually uses and a special one, which apparently he uses against larger monsters. 

Monday, December 6, 2021


 From Argenta-2008, we wish you a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year! we will be on staycation until the 8th of January, when we will return back to work. We will reply to message enquiries once a week ;) . 

Stay safe, keep collecting, and enjoy Christmas!