Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ocean Myth Cloth Saint Seiya custom

Here is Ocean, the main character in a Fancomic of Saint Seiya, and I thought the design would make a great action figure for my collection. Tons of sculpting to make the armour, real cloth cloak, and as a fancy accesory a light-up staff. I also made a new mechanism to avoid the possible breakage of the armoured skirt, now it can move up and down without breaking and is far more solid if it falls.

Flare Freya Asgard Myth Cloth Saint Seiya custom

Here is Flare, a character of Knights of the Zodiac. She is the sister of Hilda of Polaris, high priest of Odin and ruler of the island of Asgard. In the cartoon she never wears and armour and is a civilian and pacifist secondary character... I have based on a fanart and given her a nice armour. The base figure is Wasp, very heavily sculpted & with casted parts.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ghost Thunderbolts Marvel Legends custom

Last time when I made Paladin, Ant-Man and Headsman I was unable to do Ghost as I didn't have a suitable body, and now with a DC Classics Mercury I think I found a good body to make him, Ghost is a very interesting modern villain/hero. I prefer a not so skinny Ghost and I have made him just as a thin but strong guy as he appears in some comics.

Base figure is Mercury, with left hand of a Myth Cloth, LOTR straps and completely sculpted head.

Moonstone Thunderbolts Marvel Legends custom

Here is Moonstone, a very interesting character, based in her modern appearances with the Thunderbolts. In the 3rd pic she can be seen with Ghost which I have given him a Thunderbolts logo.

The recipe; Wasp figure, with Myth Cloth fist, Psylocke feet, Witchblade hair, modified with epoxi a bit the face to avoid resembling too much Janet Van Dyne, a custom-made logo with decal paper, and that's it.

Mockingbird Heroic Age Marvel Legends custom

This is Mockingbird in Heroic Age style. Made with a Psylocke body, X-23 feet, Elektra hands, unknown tv series figure hair, Daredevil sticks and lots of epoxi. The goggles were made with clear plastic.

Kobra Khan Camuflado MOTU vintage custom

Here is Kobra Khan Camuflado, a figure that was only sold in Argentina during the 80s.

Wonderbread He-Man Savage MOTU vintage custom

Here is Wonderbread He-Man, the famous variant that nobody knows for sure where it came from. This is a custom imitating the original (if actually it exists).

Ironclad U-Foes Marvel Legends custom

Here is Ironclad, member of the U-Foes.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plasma Havok Marvel Legends custom

Here is Plasma, a character that first appeared in a Havok & Wolverine story from Marvel Comics Presents. I made a while ago, but I wasn't convinced by the head and collar and remade it some days ago. Hope you like it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Electro Spiderman Marvel Icons custom

Here is Electro, made in 12 inches/Marvel Icons style. All electric effects were made removable and were cut out of transparent plastic.

Molten Man Spiderman Marvel Icons custom

This is Molten Man, the classic Spiderman foe, done in a amazing 12 inches custom Marvel Icons style. Note that the last pic shows a unfinished version.