Saturday, July 25, 2020

Honey Badger Marvel Legends custom action figure

Here it is the custom my brother made for the Summer Swap at the Fwoosh! the mutant HoneyBadger, in probably her most distinctive looks. SpiderWoman with SpiderGwen head, and X-23 hands. Jonathan sculpted from scratch.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Cube Durahan specter Myth Cloth Saint Seiya custom

The custom I post today is a sad one. This Durahan Cube custom was STOLEN from a parcel sent to Italy (that due to the peak of the pandemic and some postal mismanagement, went through London, apparently staying on transit for a whopping 110 days). So if you see this unique custom action figure anywhere, be known that it has been stolen from a parcel (the other custom, although damaged, was left there) and is a serious offence. Pity because it came out quite well.

Miho Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom figure

This is Miho, Seiya's sweetheart, just finished out of the workshop

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Ahsoka Tano Republic Advisor Star Wars Clone Wars Season 7 custom action figure

Finally, Ahsoka. I had quite a trouble figuring out how to make her, in the end I used another Ahsoka, modifying her as needed. As the original figure was wrong, too tall, it was just right for the season 7 Ahsoka. Had a few difficulties doing her, she wasn't easy. I might do her again for my collection, with more time and possibly a different base figure. It is interesting, but I like more the Ahsoka of the previous seasons.

Bo Katan Kryze Star Wars Custom Clone Wars season 7 figure

Bo-Katan; it was sad to see her go, my favourite figure of this batch. So much that I casted the heads in order to repeat one for myself (which I've done, but I have yet to photograph). Made a removable head as it is basic for her. Used a Scarlet ROC which comes out to be a wonderful base figure to make her. The most complicated thing was sculpting the helmet, as I passed of trying to find a Sabine Wren, which I dont even have in my collection yet, and then probably altering it.

Jesse ARC Trooper Star Wars Clone Wars Custom Season 7

ARC Trooper Jesse; I have to admit I didnt notice him very much in the series. They should have given him a bit more personality in Season 7. Anyway, after much wondering and pondering, I made him over a regular movie Clone, to make him more muscular and different than the regular clone troopers. I think that actually, is the one of this batch that came out better.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

332nd Company Ahsoka's Clones Clone Wars Season 7 Custom Action Figures

332nd Company Ahsokas clones; a cool concept, even if a bit short lived for my taste. They should have gone all out and made them all orange in my opinion. I used casted heads, which are probably my best cast so far, I hardly needed to do any sanding nor refining afterwards, and without having to repeat them, at the first go. I used the Citadel shadowing/inking, and this time worked very well (maybe due to the high temperatures we have here).