Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Ackmena (Star Wars) Custom Action Figure

 Here is Ackmena, an uncommon Star Wars character I was asked to make not long ago. The sort of old lady you will find in an space cantina :) , to cut things short.

Rather a challenge to get a good likeness to a real actor in this scale, I attach my reference picture so you can judge the result. A good break from other custom works.

Base figure was a Mon Mothma, which I improved articulation wise with parts of Indiana Jones figures, plus Sienna Miller head. Hair is elastic so she can move her head about.

Backlash (Image) Custom Action Figure

 Here is Backlash, one of those 90s character that got it's comic. Quite good actually. I did this custom a few years ago, but didn't get round to post it, and when I was asked this same character, I did a few changes and upgrades to him and voilà, Backlash ready. Will do another version for me later, or at least this is what I always say :lol: .

I used a Muddy Batman (I know, not the best base figure). Just changed one of his hands, and added the rest. I made his knife detachable (although he hardly uses it ever in the comics, at least that I've seen). Whips made out of molten plastic.

Monday, October 26, 2020


We've been very busy, but here it is; our 700th custom! none other than our biggest custom to date, Baby Ohzaru 18 inches! huge enough to grab a SH Figuarts Goku as if he was nothing! 18 inches of Ohzaru might, unlike the regular SH Figuarts Ohzaru. Long journey to get to our 700th custom, and we hope to soon reach our 800th 🙂

Video; https://www.facebook.com/argenta.customs/videos/653694578626220

Monday, October 19, 2020

Moss-Man filmation Masters of the universe classics Custom action figure MOTU He-Man

Rattlor MOTUC Filmation custom figure

Rattlor MOTUC filmation; this one was a easy modification repaint, as the head was provided by the client (I think it is a 3d printed casted head, but no idea of the author nor the painter). 


BOW Filmation Style MOTUC Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man She-ra

This is my custom of Bow, Filmation style :) . 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Jan Ors Star Wars custom figure v2 Jedi Knight

Been a bit away of the Starwarsverse lately, but here I come back with my second version of Jan Ors; done as a commission, this time focusing much more on the details (it was, after all, my first SW custom the v1) and trying to make her more realistic. 

Snout Spout Filmation Version MOTU custom figure He-Man

Negator MOTUC Filmation accurate version custom action figure

 This is one of my latest creations, Negator Filmation version. Did one many years ago, and here it is, in an improved version, with much cleaner paint applications, and with the extra feature of having electric blasts on his hands :) .

MAYA SAGITTA Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom action figure