Monday, August 29, 2011

IKARIS Eternals Marvel Legends Custom

Here is Ikaris, one of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe, and most prominent character in the Eternals comics. Made with a OMAC DC Classics and Ronin head.

SCORPIO Zodiac Marvel Legends Custom

This is Scorpio, one of the most prominent members of the Zodiac gang. Normally I don't like too much the idea of the Zodiac as in Marvel as I'am a big fan of the Knights of the Zodiac japanese anime, but this member in his modern style looked cool and was perfect to make with Ronin.

The base figure is a Ronin with LOTR hood, Magneto cloak, epoxi here and there and a scratch made Zodiac key.

Torpedo Marvel Legends custom

This is Torpedo, a superhero that first appeared in Daredevil comics and then was a regular character in the ROM comics. Very modern and stylish for his time, it is a pity it didn't live long enough.

The figure has been made over a Human Torch, Dr. Midnite hands and gloves, sculpted mask and roundels, and finally used tamiya clear red to paint the visor and leave it semi-translucid.

QNAX Amphibion Marvel Legends Custom

This is Qnax, a character that briefly appeared fighting against the Hulk. This guy is just screaming to be made with a Mongul, it has a astonishing resemblance to him.

It has been made with a Mongul figure, added a 5th finger, added belt, sanded and taken down some parts, sculpted goggles.

Ultimo Iron Man Marvel Legends custom

This is Ultimo, character I discovered seeing the 1994 Iron Man cartoon. To my surprise, it is a character that has appeared many times in the comics, and I thought it would make a cool and impressive action figure.

As usually, using a Wrestling 12 inches, made the head from scratch, sculpted feet, knee pads, chest, hands, and added tubes. Hope you like it.

Firefist Acolytes Marvel Legends custom

Here is Firefist, member of various mutant groups such as the Acolytes.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Living Tribunal Marvel Legends custom

Here is the Living Tribunal, in 6 inches. To make this character I used a Mr. Fantastic figure (I was unable to find a Silver Surfer) and it turned out to be perhaps a better base figure, as his face is very serious and dramatic, as the Living Tribunal should be. The rest of the faces are 100 % sculpting, and the shining star is a home-made decal. Not much more to say about him, besides I had to cut his neck and glue a clear brush stick to try and get the appearance of floating.

Cyclops Jim Lee Style Marvel Legends custom

Here is the ever popular Jim Lee Cyclops. As I made a Jean Grey, it was matter of time to make Cyclops. The base figure is Bullseye, with Mr. Fantastic movie head, and fodder box pockets, all the rest epoxi.

Mad Jack 12 inch Marvel Icons Custom

After lots of work here it comes Madjack Marvel Icons style, standing 12 inches tall (a bit more with the air glider). It is based as in the ToyBiz Spiderman Classic figure, but with normal pumpkins instead of the oversized ones that ToyBiz made.

The head was completely sculpted from scratch, shoulder pads made out of a table tennis ball, pumpkins based on the Pre-ML Madjack, and glider made out of different junk I had lying around. All the rest is sculpting and some foamy.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nova New Warriors Marvel Legends custom

Here is the famous Nova, in his short-lived 90s outfit, that only lasted 6 issues.

Aegis New Warriors Marvel Legends custom

Here is Aegis, new member of the New Warriors of the late 90s.

Namorita New Warriors Marvel Legends custom

Here is Namorita, member of the New Warriors and cousin of Namor.

Bolt v1 New Warriors Marvel Legends custom

Here is Bolt, mutant member of the New Warriors.