Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Odysseus Mythic Version Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom figure

This is my third attempt at Odysseus, each time trying to improve it ;) , this time with elastic plastic for his hair. It was fun to take photos of him on the outside ;P . 

Theseus Mythic Version Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom figure

This is my second version of Theseus, angel of Artemis, from Tenkai Hen OVA. A weird looking knight, but at least a rather different style. Tried to get ever closer to the original source, using a duller piece of cloth, and making the sculpting more proportionate.


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Man-A-Taur Masters of the Universe 200X Custom figure

With this, I post all my MOTU customs made up to date, at last. This is Man-A-Taur, a concept of futuristic other-world sort of Man-At-Arms. This character is inspired by a custom I saw being done on a tv program, back on 2003 roughly, Kombai & Co, at a time I didn't know what a custom figure was. Sadly, I havent been able to find the exact program where it appeared. In the program, A Man-At-Arms figure was cut in half, and glued to a half animal, I think a cow, and everything painted black and silver, if my memory serves me right. I have tried to make it cooler and more impressive.

Grenador MOTUC Skysurfer Strike Force Masters of the Universe Classics custom figure

This is Grenador ,oneThis is Grenador, one of my favourite customs. A character from a 90s cartoon, SkySurfers, I thought he would be very cool in a MOTUC body,as his concept is very like Blast Attack, exploding and recomposing himself. Made over a Rotar MOTUC figure.


Compactor Evil Version MOTU Masters of the Universe Classics custom figure

 After doing a Compactor custom for sale, I thought I would do one for my own personal collection :) . After much examining the original artwork, it seemed more like to me, he was a evil master, with his face degraded, instead of a heroic masters. Anyway, this is how I envisioned him, with darker colours, and a real hand to be able to grip on things, plus an automatic weapon that can be fitted on his arm.

Netossa She-Ra Masters of the Universe 200x custom figure

And here, Netossa :) . I kept forever a Evil Lyn body to start making She-Ra styled character, and when a few mini Bratz heads fell into my hands, I knew I'd be using them. After many years I managed to make them, and after a few more, picture them and post them :) . As with Castaspella, inspired by Gbagok's great fanarts, with some modifications to suit to my available parts and pieces. I will probably be redoing her net, as doesn't fully convince me.


Castaspella Masters of the Universe 200x MYP Custom Figure She-Ra

Here I am finishing to post all our MOTU customs. This is Castaspella 200x style, such a shame the 200x never reached She-Ra characters. Thanks to Gbagok impression, I made my Castaspella version. I used some mini Bratz heads, which are simply wonderful to do the job. In the end, instead of slightly Hindi inspired it looked a bit Viking or tribal looking. 

Karai TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters custom figure

 Here is Karai, final boss in the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters, done for the Fwoosh Secret Santa 2020.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Stone-Ax MOTU Classics custom figure

This is a custom I did, inspired by Accustomfigures concept, of a sort of spartan warrior transported to Eternia.


Warduke Cartoon MOTUC Masters of the universe classics Dungeons and dragons custom figure

This is Warduke, in cartoon version. I was asked to do him, but in bright cartoon colours and being as playable as a regular figure, so I sculpted everything with molten plastic to avoid breakage and paint rub.


Snout Spout Filmation MOTUC Masters of the Universe Super 7 custom figure

This is Snout Spout in Filmation MOTUC version. Using a 3d printed head from Eternal customs.