Saturday, December 17, 2011

Red Knight MOTUC POP custom

Here is the Red Knight (a character appearing in POP). I saw the episode and thought it was a interesting character to make, and then I found the Gbagok artwork and knew it was a must for my collection. I nearly did him before, but I hadn't time. The base figure is a deluxe wrestling.

Before painting;

Gargon Filmation Masters of the Universe custom Gbagok

Here is Gargon, a character I took from a fanart of Gbagok. As I was told he is a Filmation character.

Nevertheless, I was captivated by the intricate design and innovative style and decided to customize him for a contest.

The figure I chose was a curious screaming Hulk, which gives him more or less the size of Rattlor 200x (a bit bigger). Could be MOTUC-compatible, but fits better with the 200x.


Grayskull Knight MOTUC custom

Here is the Grayskull Knight, based on a fanart which I've made some modifications, to suit my taste and my base figure. In my MOTUverse it would be a knight that on his last breath defended Castle Grayskull, and so the Spirit of the castle gave him a new life to defend the castle forever until somebody breaks the spell.

Base figure is a Ares DCUC with re-sculpted head, chest, and made from scratch lance & shield, as can be better appreciated in the WIP pic.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Bengal Marvel Legends custom

Here is The Bengal, enemy of Daredevil and a character that has been reappearing lately. MMade over a Yellowjacket figure, with resculpted head, feet and gloves. Weapon of Wolverine Black Ops from the 90s. Hope you like him.

Tyrak the Treacherous Marvel Legends custom

Here is Tyrak, a henchman of Attuma and enemy of Namor which appeared in the late 80s and early 90s. I think there is a big lack of atlantean and namor-related characters in action figures. This is the first time I reuse a sculpt I made (Tombstone face) for another figure, I casted the face of Tombstone and I saw that Tyrak had the same expression, so I reused it as Hasbro would do! The axe is from Gimli of LOTR, hands of Legolas and skirt of Magneto.

Mr. Justice Marvel Legends custom

Here is Mr Justice, brother of Yankee Clipper. Yes, this character is REALLY obscure! it is as you must have noticed made over a Dr. Midnite, one of the last of my big box of Midnites, so you will not see many more of my customs with this base figure (whew!I started to have difficulties in finding more characters adaptable for Midnites). The gun is a over-sized one from a Chap Mei figure.

Skeletron Marvel Legends custom

Here is Skeletron, a character appearing in Quasar, which was screaming to be made over a ML Deathlok. Dry brushed with blue and then with a blueish silver to get the metallic effect.

Whirlwind Avengers Marvel Legends custom

Here is Whirlwind, based as he appears in the Avengers cartoon. I tried to paint with Tamiya Clear to get a glossy effect although I'am not 100 % happy with the result. Base figure is Doc Ock with lots of sculpting.

Dark Raider Marvel Legends custom

Here is Dark Raider, who really is Reed Richards from another earth, who seeked to destroy all Reed Richards in the Multiverse. I thought it was a interesting character to make and very suitable for a DCUC Dr. Midnite. The hood is from LOTR.

Masked Marauder Marvel Legends custom

Here is the Masked Marauder, the boss of a criminal gang that confronted Daredevil and Spiderman (Spiderman ends up blind during some days by a ray of Masked Marauder's helmet). A interesting character I had the occasion to read his appearances in the Spiderman comics.

Longshot base figure, Scarlet Witch cloak, GI Joe weapon, 100 % sculpted head.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hypertron Marvel Legends custom

Here is Hypertron, a former AIM agent who had his suit stolen by Bobster, a superhero. A quite obscure character but with a great design imho, and a very 90s aspect.

Base figure; Titanium Man.

Immortus Marvel Legends custom

I've been thinking to do this character for a while, but never found before a good reference pic to make him. Following a fanart I found googling, I made him over a Dr.Midnite with a LOTR head. I was expecting to photograph this custom with my new camera, but for my surprise it resulted worse at taking pics of close-up things like action figures than my old one, so I will have to return this Lumix FS 10 for a better quality one!

Chemistro Avengers Marvel Legends

Here is Chemistro, as he appears in the new Avengers cartoon. It was a character I totally didn't care before, but the rendition of the new cartoon as in 99 % of the occasions is imho amazing.

Base figure is a Captain Marvel with a random missile thrower that looks quite as his weapon in the show.