Saturday, March 31, 2012

Black Knight Ahura Boltagon (The Inhumans, Black Bolt and Medusa son) Marvel Legends custom

Here it is the son of Black Bolt and Medusa, of Earth-X. It struck me as a really nice design, like an upgraded version of Black Bolt. 

Made over a Booster Gold with changed arms, sculpted head and I used flimsy card for making the arm-wings.

It could be yours! (click on here to see it on eBay)

Black Hole (She-Hulk enemy, Marvel Universe) Custom Marvel Legends

Here is Black Hole, a enemy of She-Hulk and Howard the Duck. You can guess easily his power, that is to absorb anything into his black hole.

It striked me the many similarities with the character of the same name, of Kinnikuman/MUSCLE, which I also did a custom some time ago. Same name, same power (both absorb people and things into their torso hole, although the Kinnikuman one has also a hole in his head) just the colours change. I wonder who copied who, or if it is just a coincidence.

Made over a Captain Atom DCUC with resculpted head.

It could be yours! (click on here to see it on eBay)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Goldman ゴールドマン Kinnikuman MUSCLE custom figure

Here is Goldman, the God of Battle. The legends tells us how he confronted his brother (Silverman, god of peace) to see who was strongest, if him, the God of Battle who was gifted with the perfect attack, or the god of Peace, who was gifted with the perfect defense. After a seemingly eternal battle, the gods decided to give each one a sword, and they ended up in draw cutting simultaneously the head of each other, which became the Gold and Silver Masks, sacred relics of the Kinniku Tribe.

This is the story that is told between two episodes of Kinnikuman. I have added two pics as they can't be found by internet. Goldman ended up being a deal with the demon and returning as Akuma Shogun, who is the main enemy of Kinnikuman in a whole saga. 

About the custom; since I saw the episode I wanted to do this custom. As I had the head sitting around for ages (it came with the Akuma Shogun figure from Romando) half the job was already there. With a wrestling body and some sculpting it was easily made. It was quite hard to represent him, as he appears very little and seems to change in each pic. In some it seems that he wears bronze armour, in others gold, and in others just brown leather. But harder was painting him, as I wasn't satisfied with the skin tone and had to repaint it 3 times. Hope you like it.

The sword has been chromed with an experimental powder, which I'll explain more in depth in a next more chrome custom.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Okko 王虎 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom

Here is Okko, rival of Shiryu for obtaining the Dragon armour. The difficult part of this custom was finding the right base figure and sculpting the hair.


Dr. Strange body
Myth Cloth hands
Kanon hair
Seiya head

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Strongheart Advanced Dungeons and Dragons MOTUC He-Man custom

Here is Strongheart, character from the 80s toyline Dungeons and Dragons, brought into the MOTU Classics world.

Made with a two-pack Skeletor and a Wrestling head, Saruma's hair and a unknown sword.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ricardo ヒカルド Lord of Darkness Kinnikuman Ultimate Muscle custom キン肉マン



Here it is Ricardo. He is a character from Ultimate Muscle (Kinnikuman Nisei), the new cartoon that spinned off the original series (where the MUSCLE minifigures came from). I discovered this character playing the PSP game Kinnikuman Generations, the first one I played with to get the catch on the game. Afterwards it became a favourite character. I discovered what was his name (the game is in japanese) and decided to customize it in all it's glory (it is painted like in the game, that I suppose is the manga version, as it differs from what I have seen in the cartoon by youtube). (the character is really a monster in disguise, hence the name "Lord of Darkness")

Made over a Wrestling deluxe figure, with a completely sculpted from scratch head. I left unpainted the flesh colour, as it was the same colour and it gives him a nice toy touch.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Celeste Morne v2 Star Wars custom

Here it is Celeste Morne, character appearing in various of the Star Wars franchise. To my eyes one of the most different and original designs of knights in Star Wars. This is my second version, which I did a long time ago, but didn't photograph until very recently.

Base figure Maris Brood.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crayfuss of the Southern Cross サザンクロス Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom

Here is the silver knight of the Southern Cross, who appeared in the OVA of the Goddess Eris. One of the coolest designs of the OVA knights, I have made it with a Hyoga body, Radamanthys head, Sagittarius leg protections, Shiryu feet and hands, and Ikki arm protection.

This has been my first knight custom using Tamiya clear paints, to get a shiny effect as the regular figures. As I have used Hyoga as base figure, this custom is one of the more playable I have made.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sea Serpent シーサーペント Ghost Saint Myth Cloth custom



Here is Sea Serpent, one of the four Ghost Saints that Seiya and his friends combat in the anime. It has been made over a Daredevil movie figure (really the best base figure you could ask for him) and Shiryu Dragon hands.

I always thought it had a potential to be a interesting character if it had all the face covered by the serpent mask, and with a bit darker colours. Nevertheless, is a colourful 80s villain.

Medusa クラッグ Jellyfish Kuragu Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom


Here is the most whacky and bizarre of the Ghost Saints, Jellyfish, one of the henchman of Geist. Made over a Daredevil movie figure, with Shiryu Dragon hands and rubber tubes.