Monday, January 31, 2011

Skeleton Hades Myth Cloth custom

This is a Skeleton, the backbone of the armies of Hades, in Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya).

Alpha Flight Wolverine Marvel Legends custom

Here is the second custom in my What If series, Wolverine as Alpha Flight leader. It features authentic metal claws. eBay link.

Super Adaptoid Marvel Legends

Here is the Super Adaptoid, in a super shiny Marvel Legends custom version! now on eBay.

What If Green Lantern Spiderman

The first custom of my What If series, what if Spiderman would have been appointed defender of the earth by the Green Lanterns? Link to eBay.

Speed Demon Marvel Legends

This is Speed Demon, foe of Spiderman among many others, and now on eBay.

Dr. Moira McTaggert Marvel Legends

Here is Doctor Moira McTaggart, a scientist, genetist, ex-girlfriend of Charles Xavier, and mother of Proteus. Now on eBay.

Daredevil Medieval Heroes

Here is Daredevil, the first one of my Medieval Heroes custom line, being a What-If of how will look all the Heroes and Villains of the Marvel Universe. Link to eBay.

Fandral Marvel Legends

Fandral, friend of Hogun and member of the Warriors Three. Now on eBay.

Guilty Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom figure v1

This is Guilty from Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya), Myth Cloth. He was the evil master of Ikki.

Prahvus MOTUC

Here is Prahvus, a 200X Mike Young productions Masters of the Universe cartoon character. Made in a new MOTUC style. Now on eBay.

Hogun the Grim v2 Marvel Legends

Here is Hogun the Grim, member of the Warriors Three, in a DC Classics body.

Dreadknight Marvel Legends

This is Dreadknight, made in a DC Classics body. With a made from scratch spear and a custom decal for his skull logo. Currently on eBay.