Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dabura ダーブラ Darbura Dabra Dabla Dragon Ball Z Custom

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Here is Dabura, King of Demons, that appears in the Buu saga in Dragon Ball Z. He fought Son Gohan to a standstill, and he was in the end defeated by Majin Buu. The more difficult thing of this custom was sculpting his anime head from zero, and getting a good resemblance. I used a Batman cloak and a Spawn sword modified and combined with a cheap sword. The belt was made with a rubber ring and is not glued to the body, so he can move his waist without breaking or having to cut the round belt.

One of the problems that I encountered doing Dabura, was the shoulders, as if I made it of solid magic sculpt it would have blocked completely the articulation, and I hadn't any similar rubber piece (it would have blocked partly the articulation all the same), so I used a blue cloth (it was quite similar to the Game Colour Blue I used, surprisingly), cut and glued to represent his weird outfit and enabling him a good range of articulation.

As it can be seen in the last pic, I sculpted boots, part of the trousers, and torso.

This is my first Dragon Ball Z custom (which is a shame since is my favourite series), which I made for the Figurealm contest "Japanimation", which won the first place; Results

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