Monday, September 19, 2016

Inter Khan (Manga Techno-Spawn) (Spawn) Custom Action Figure

Hello everybody again, after a loong time without making nor posting customs here I go with a small batch of some customs I made early this year. 

This year my brother gave me as a gift the Manga Dead Spawn, which is a quite impressive figure, but I really don't dig all the sort of rotten flesh he had all over. Plus, the skull head didn't convince me either, and the visor didn't fit ok. So, and with all respect to the loving gift of my brother, I did him a nice revamp, which although easy to do, achieved quite the result I wanted. I epoxied and covered all the flesh and head, resculpted the head visor and mouth piece, and painted a intrincate techno pattern.

In my multiverse, he is a Techno God called "Interkhan" which is embroiled in a endless war between other robot gods. Hope you like it.

Click on the images to see them at a bigger resolution.