Monday, April 30, 2012

Ice Sorceror Masters of the Universe 200X Classics MOTUC custom

From the cold heights of Eternia, comes the Ice Sorceror! an alien being who arrived long ago to the planet, seeking the magical knowledge of Eternia, specifically, the Ice Book of Spells, a book written by the Council of Elders and hidden in the frozen mountains where the Kulataks dwell. 

He's found it now, and his next step is to enter Castle Grayskull so he can decipher the forbidden spells in the book!

This is a character created by myself many years ago, when I didn't have customizing knowledge, and now I have given him a good representation in action figure form.


Dr Midnite body
Hal Jordan and Deadman hands
Alan Scott lower legs
Ice He-Man Shoulder pad

The book of Ice Spells is made out of transparent plastic, printed paper and cloth thread. The cover is hand painted. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tatsumi Tokumaru suit 辰巳 徳丸 Mylock Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom

This is Tatsumi, the butler of Saori Kido (reincarnation of the Goddess Athena). He is a recurrent character in the series, often just to make laugh, but one of those easy to recognize and iconic characters in Knights of the Zodiac.

Made over a DCUC Sandman and casted OMAC head.

Mitsumasa Kido 城戸光政 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom

Here it is Mitsumasa Kido, japanese businessman, the adoptive father of Saori Kido (the reincarnation of the Goddess Athena).

For those who haven't seen the anime series of Knights of the Zodiac, Kido is one of the important characters  in the series. Normally he is seen in kendo clothes, but when he was in greece he was wearing a suit.

The base figure is Sandman DCUC (seriously the best figure in suit there is in 6 inches), with Kamandi head and LOTR hands.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Warduke AD&D Advanced Dungeons and Dragons MOTUC Motu Classics custom by Argenta

Here it is Warduke, of AD&D, in Motu Classics style. He is a character of the vintage 80s toyline, which I have updated to the MOTUC style, over a Snout Spout figure. Head made from scratch with magic sculp, sculpted shield over a champagne glass plastic feet, LOTR sword, and a loin cloth from another MOTUC.

For this custom I have made also the box and bio.

Ramenman ラーメンマン Musculator Musculman

Here is Ramenman, one of the basic characters of Kinnikuman series (on which the MUSCLE figurines were based). I recently discovered that besides the Romando figures existed a 6 inch line for the Kinnikuman Nisei line, so I searched for them and bought Kevin Mask and Ramen Man.

The bad (or good) thing; they needed some work on them. The original figures had unpainted knees and elbows (why on earth was that done I don't know), had a too thick moustache and small flat feet. Besides that, it was the manga version, and I wanted the anime one (only difference being green jacket and sandals). Oh, and the original figure had a too pale flesh tone, so I corrected that too.

Hope you like it. The last pic shows the "before".

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kevin Mask Kinnikuman Nisei custom figure

Here is the other Kinnikuman Nisei figure I bought, Kevin Mask.This one needed more work than Ramenman, I had to resculpt the face as it was too small. I also made the feet bigger, and I opted to repaint the blue with Tamiya Clear to give him a shiny metallic look. I also painted all the details. All the same, if I was a super fan of the character, I would have redone him completely, but as it is a spin-off of his father (the great Robin Mask) I consider good enough this version (I've got hundreds of other customs in mind and in progress!).

The 3rd pic shows the before figure.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Metal Cooler Dragon Ball Z Custom 500th custom SH Figuarts クウラ

It has take its time, but here it is, my 500th custom! I (of course) wanted to do something special for such a landmark in a customizer's career, and it took a long time for me to decide what could be that something so special. The opportunity appeared as a chroming powder I bought months ago and arrived just in time. Now I was sure; it would be a chromey custom that will be ultra-durable and ultra-poseable!

After -again- looking at various characters, I decided for Metal Cooler (bad luck for Silver Sable), the movie villain of Dragon Ball Z and brother of Freezer, in the metal form he returned with in the OVA "The Return of Coola". The base figure was Toyman DCUC (I think, there wasn't much left of him when I started) as it is slimer than a regular DCUC (which is my standard for normal superhero-villain). The hands were took from a Myth Cloth figure. One of the important parts of the custom (and surely, the most difficult) was making a tail. I didn't know what to use, as I didn't know of any that suited the purpose, and in the end I used a ball joint from Punisher and the made a solid one, so it has a good deal of movement and still looks good when posing.

I had to sculpt nearly all the surface of the figure, and of course, I made the head from zero too. The shoulder pad have a mechanism so it doesn't bother him for the movement.

For the chroming, I first applied a black coat of gloss Tamiya, then the chroming powder, gloss varnish, then Tamiya clear blue + green, then more chroming powder, and then more varnish. It is a bit darker than the original, but it gives a very nice gloss metal finish. 

I take the opportunity all the people that has left comments and feedback in this blog and everywhere ;) .

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hades Specter of Executioner Saint Seiya custom

Here it is the Specter of the Executioner, one of Hades henchmans, that appears in the anime and manga series of "Saint Seiya Lost Canvas". In the anime he doesn't carry his weapon, it is taken from the manga. 

Made over a Dragon Shiryu with Shun Hades feet. All the armour made with Magic Sculp (one shoulder pad casted in resin).

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wirehead Daredevil foe System Crash Marvel Legends 2012 custom

Wirehead is a member of System Crash, a 90s group of villains, enemies of Daredevil and Silver Sable. Wirehead was the best of the lot in my opinion, and he fitted perfectly a DCUC body. 

Unknown DCUC figure with Booster Gold hands.