Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Thanos Marvel Legends Custom Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy style

Here it is one of the most complex customs I've made recently, Hot Toys style Thanos in a Marvel Select Colossus body. Had to painstakingly sculpt nearly the whole damn figure, from head to toe, so as to make it as close as possible to the Hot Toys figure. Why on earth Hasbro hasn't made a good 6 inch compatible action figure of him is beyond me. Anyway, more work to the customizers! shoulder pads move up and down, skirt is flexible so as to allow movement. Hope you enjoy it. It is currently listed on eBay; https://www.ebay.com/itm/183511017210

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ikaris v2 Marvel Legends custom

Here it is the second version I make of Ikaris. I was asked to do a custom of him, and this time I went for a Longshot head, which looks much better than the Ronin head I used before. The DCUC body is perfect for this character in my opinion. The energy blast was a last time addition, that gives a lot of strength to the character (which makes me think I should do more often).

Frostina Northstars Custom Action Figure

Hello all, I plan to return to be more active in the net showing my latest customs, that I had been posponing for a long time. I will start with no particular order; this is Frostina, a custom figure I was asked to do by one of the own creators of the character! it made me very proud to be chosen by him, and that he liked the outcome. Frostina features in the Northstars, and is the daughter of the Yeti king. A interesting story I recommend you to read. Anyway, this is the figure, I used a old school X-23 Marvel Legends body, with tons of sculpting. I am particularly pleased how the head turned out. Hope you enjoy it.