Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Hask Doff Imperial Commander Star Wars Custom 3.5

Hask Doff; this is an original character, a very easy custom I did only swapping parts (seriously, he doesn't need more!). Using a head from a Mace Windu that absolutely, looks nothing like him (I mean, take a look at him, he looks like George Foreman more than Samuel L Jackson!), a Cobra Commander 25th body, and a cap from Juno Eclipse and voilà, neo-Empire high officer ready at your service. (a bit of molten plastic on the interior of his neck peg was needed).

Shadowtrooper Star Wars Jedi Knight custom figure

This is probably, I would say , my technically best Star Wars custom so far, at least regarding technique, paintrublessness, etc. 

This is the Shadowtrooper. Did you play Jedi Knight? this are the guys that stabbed you in the back while playing as Kyle Katarn. An iconic character from the expanded universe. Having Desann and Tavion in my collection, I needed the Shadowtrooper. Let me know your impressions.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Fudo Virgo Saint Seiya Omega Myth Cloth EX custom

This is one of the more complicated customs I have made lately. Was asked to do 2 customs in EX format, the new figures of Saint Seiya, and this is one of them. Fudo is a character of the new cartoon Saint Seiya Omega. A very interesting character that hasn't received action figure treatment.

My biggest problem with him was the golden yellow, as my tamiya colour had went off, and had to find an alternative, after trying with the old pot to no avail. In the end I chose Gunze Sangyo's clear yellow, which works like a charm, tremendously glossy and very easy to apply. The floating scarf was rather a challenge as well.

I show picture of the original character so you can compare.

Paradox Gemini Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX custom

Here is my custom of Paradox EX, as she appears in the Saint Seiya Omega cartoon. Featuring elastic bendable hair that allows her any fighting pose.

Jaki v2 Myth Cloth Custom Figure Saint Seiya

This is my second version of Jaki, this time over a SH Figuarts Hulk body, which gives more articulation, and looks more powerful.