Monday, June 27, 2011

Amelia Voght Acolytes Marvel Legends custom

Here is Amelia Voght, Acolyte with matter shapeshifting powers.

Recipe; Psylocke's head, Witchblade body and upper legs, Mystique's arms, Invisible Woman hair, Black Cat lower legs, Beetle ToyBiz feet, and LOTR belts.

Fabian Cortez v2 Acolytes Marvel Legends custom

This is my second Fabian Cortez, I've tried to improve everything a bit, colour application, sculpting (specially the headgear), etc. I think this is quite a definitive version in my opinion.

Recipe; same as the first one except Shark as base body, LOTR holster and X-23 hair as ponytail; Punisher head,Chap Mei weapon, Dr Midnite cloak, the rest is sculpting.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Puma Marvel Icons Custom Spiderman 12 inch

Here is Puma, a classic villain/friend of Spiderman, that is my first Marvel Icons custom (I've made several 12 inch giants but to fit in Marvel Legends or DC Classics line). It is quite more difficult than doing a giant, as normally giants have easier details than a regular character. This is the first one of a series Spiderman foes and friends in 12 inch.

Recipe; made over CM Punk, with Elijah Burke and Triple H hands, Grey Hulk feet, X-23 hairs to make the fur in his feet and all the rest looots of sculpting.

Note that the last pic was made before some changes were applied, I only included it to show the height of the figure respect a ML.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My custom 400th - Kang's Throne Room with Princess Ravonna

This is the custom I've made to celebrate my 400th custom. It is a diorama of Kang's Throne Room and a custom of Princess Ravonna, as seen in the new Avengers cartoon. A lot of hard work went into this, specially tricky was to paint and glue Ravonna's transparent cloak and skirt.

Soulmask Myth Cloth Saint Seiya custom

Here is Soulmask, a specter of Hades, based on a unknown fanart.

Camille Silver Knight of Pictoris Saint Seiya Myth Cloth

Here it is Camille, the Silver Knight of Pictoris, based on a fanart by Camille Adams.

Shaina Opphiucus Gold Knight Myth Cloth Saint Seiya custom 蛇遣い星座

Here is Shaina, depicted as the 13th Golden Knight of Opphiucus, as Opphiucus is considered sometimes the 13th constellation of the Zodiac. It has appeared wearing this armour in a official videogame. The custom has been based on a fanart by Maxarkes.

Yurij of the Sextant Myth Cloth Saint Seiya custom 六分儀座

This is one of the great fanarts I've given action figure life with a X-23 I had on the fodder box. This is Yurij of the constellation of the Sextant, Knight of Athena.

This is the original fanart by Brito;

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Aerion of the Winter Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom

This is a own original character, based on the anime/manga Saint Seiya. He is a knight of the Goddess Demeter, and he represents the season of the Winter. If the Knights of the Zodiac appear when evil threatens earth, the Knights of Demeter appear when the nature is threatened by humans. Their goal is to destroy all phocus of contamination. Will the Knights of the Zodiac stop them?

Temis of the Spring Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom

Here is Temis, knight of the Spring. This one was the hardest to make, as nearly all the armour is sculpted. And yes, X-23 has made it into the Myth Cloth line :).

Ghazi of the Summer Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom

Here is Ghazi, Knight of the Summer. He is another Knight of Demeter. This knight was one of the less promising of the 4 but with the gold spray it has ended as one of the best. Hope you like it.