Monday, February 27, 2012

Cassius Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom カシオス

Here it is Cassius, the first foe that Seiya had to defeat to obtain the armour of Pegasus. He later reappeared to save Seiya's life against Leo Aioria. Made with a wrestling deluxe figure.

Giganto of Cyclops Myth Cloth Saint Seiya custom サイクロプスのギガント v2

Here I show Giganto of Cyclops, one of the Specters that serve Hades. It is one of the characters with better design of the Hades Chapter in Knights of the Zodiac (nearly the only one that isn't black).

This is my improved version, as it was one of the first Saint Seiya customs I made.

Base figure Bear Geki with Libra shoulder pad, all the rest tons of sculpting material.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Geist ガイスト Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom 幽霊聖闘士(ゴーストセイント

Here it is Geist, leader of the Ghost Saints. The best character of the Ghost Saints, with the more "conventional" armour. She is (yes, she is a she) the sister of Shaina of Ophiucus (or in some dubbings just friend). She fights against Seiya and his friends and she is defeated. 

Made with a Shiryu Dragon figure, Hydra feet, Hyoga leg protections and body armour, Aioros arm protection and Ikki hands, the rest grey sculpting.

Dolphin ドルフィン Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom 幽霊聖闘士(ゴーストセイント

Here it is Dolphin, one of the Ghost Saints, that confronted Seiya and his friends in the first episodes of the 80s anime. It is a weird character (even for japanese anime) and curious that a Dolphin is a evil character (gosh, I don't think I've seen a evil representation of a Dolphin in any cartoon or comic (besides in one episode of the Simpsons)! ) but it is now a classic for Saint Seiya fans.

Made with a Hyoga figure, with Hydra head and various parts of armour of other figures, and sculpted helmet and other parts.

Monday, February 20, 2012

KOMODO Marvel Legends custom The Initiative

Here is Komodo (Melati Kusuma), in his Initiative suit, slightly modified to fit the pieces I wanted to use. A interesting character, that I decided to make when I received in a lot a Lizard from a new Spiderman series. I took from him his tail, hands and feet to fit them to a Mystique body. I used a modified X-23 head, and then tons of sculpting, as can be seen in the WIP pic. Finally, I painted her with Vallejo colours and with a coat of Clear orange of Tamiya.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Felis Yami Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom

Here is the custom of Felis Yami, knight of the constellation of the Cat. It is a fanart made by Deviantart member yami11, made over a X-23 figure.

Beast Hank Mc Coy X-Men Marvel Legends custom

I wasn't satisfied at all with the Toybiz Beast, I suppose I watched too much the TV series and grew fond of their version. So when I had in my hands the ML Beast I completely remake his head, basing on a deluxe wrestler (just eyes and nose were used) and the rest pure sculpting. I also repainted a bit the blue and painted white the claws. Hope you like him.