Wednesday, March 13, 2019

SLIMOR MOTUC - Our 600th custom! - Masters of the Universe Master of Evil Slime!

It's been long, but here it is, our 600th custom! not a easy one, but it had to be done! nothing could stop us!

Slimor comes from the depths of the Etherian Ruins, came alive thanks to Hordak's magic! instead of having to capture or subdue the enemy before "sliming" it, now the Slime Pit will come to them!

Using legs and arms from a MOTUC body (Zodac), forearms from Marvel Legends Toxin, we completely created from scratch the torso, head, shoulder pads, horde logo and feet. Slime gun created from a syringe. Slime from Nickelodeon Slime, well seasoned so it became sticky, degraded and better suited for Slimor!

YouTube video;