Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crag Alpha Flight Marvel Legends

Crag was a mutant from the Savage Land, that was trained by Vindicator (Heather Hudson).

Laura Pathway Alpha Flight Marvel Legends custom

Laura Dean aka Pathway is a canadian mutant with the ability to open portals to anywhere. Member of Beta and Alpha Flight.

Heimdall Marvel Legends Custom

Heimdall is the norse god that protects the rainbow bridge between Asgard and the normal world.

Zaran Master of Arms Marvel Legends custom

Here is Zaran, master of arms.

Purple Girl Alpha Flight Marvel Legends custom

Here is Purple Girl, daughter of the Purple Man, as in her first appearance in Alpha Flight comics.

Morag Ewoks Star Wars

This is Morag, evil witch that appeared in the 80s "Ewoks" Star Wars cartoon.

Staghorn NA MOTUC

Staghorn is a evil mutant henchman of Skeletor in the New Adventures of He-Man tv cartoon.

Skaldor MOTUC

Skaldor is a fanart character made by Patreek, that I have given him life in a MOTUC style. Last pic is a photoshop mock-up of the electric version.

General Cheops - Seth Marvel Legends custom

This is General Cheops, commander of the forces of the Heliopolis God Seth.

Negator Filmation MOTUC custom

Here is Negator, a villain that appeared in the Filmation Masters of the Universe series.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ink-Shot MOTU

Ink-Shot is a character created by member Doompuppet. It has been featured in Nerd City's blog;

Astroman MOTU

This is Astroman, a custom based on IceMan's great fanart.

Firearms MOTU 200X style

Firearms is a character made by Gbagok. Made over a Wrestling deluxe figure.

Lodar MOTUC custom

Here is Lodar, the minicomic villain, made in MOTUC style.

Mosquitor MOTUC

Here is Mosquitor, member of the Evil Horde, with authentic blood in his "heart".