Thursday, May 31, 2012

Albiore Cepheus Myth Cloth custom ケフェウス星座のアルビオレ saint seiya

Hiya all, today I present you Albiore of Cepheus, the master/trainer of Andromeda Shun in the Andromeda Island. He is one of the most powerful silver knights, that fought to a standstill Scorpio and was back stabbed by the gold knight of Pisces. I have made it over a Geminis Myth Cloth, with various parts of armour of other figures.

I show you a image of how he is, so you can get an idea (in the cartoon, the blue was more silvery, and the chain wasn't pink, it was silver, as I have made it the custom). The last pic is before painting.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sean Street Fighter custom figure SOTA

This is my second Street Fighter custom, this time made for a friend, Sean from Street Fighter III.

I've used the yellow Ken Masters, modified heavily the head, and repainted the flesh colour. A quite easy to do custom thanks to the perfect base figure.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sandman Classic Marvel Legends Custom figure

Here it is my version of Classic Sandman, as the Spiderman Classics figure isn't good enough. 

I have used a Wrestling deluxe figure (Batista), used 4 accesories of a movie Sandman figure, enlarged them, and made a extra hand out of scratch. The sand base is a cone of blister plastic with glued sand from across the park. Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thetys Mermaid テテュス Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom figure


Here it is Thetys Mermaid, one of the importants characters of the series that haven't received an official figure yet. This was a very complicated custom, with insane amounts of sculpting involved. The shoulders pads are glued on the shoulder articulation, which allows her to move the arm 180 º.

Base figure Shun Hades, Shiryu feet, Mime hands, Afrodita casted head, Kraken & Mu hair.

Indigo Atom DC Universe Classics DCUC custom figure

Here it is Indigo Atom, when I first saw the figure I had mixed feelings about it, cool in a way, but very wonky in another. Specially mine, because it had the face and logo poorly painted.

So I researched a bit on the net to see the what improvements could be made, and I decided to do the following;

-Cleared his forehead and added a metal piece with the Indigo lanterns logo
-Added a bit of hair to him a more savage look
-Painted the mask in "Batman style" with white eyes
-Changed the dark blue to metallic bright blue
-Painted the neck blue as the prototype and the comic

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Celeste Morne Star Wars KOTOR custom figure v3

This my last and super-mega-detailed-articulated-definitive version of Celeste Morne. I've done in the past two other versions, both were good at their time, but I decided to make this definitive version.

I looked specifically what body I could use, I thought of many SW figures but I had to desist due to their rarity (and I can't customize a figure I want for my collection!). So I decided for a X-23 of Marvel Universe.

But there was a problem.

The X-23 is badly proportionated -far too long legs- so I had to cut them and reglue them so she is as tall as a regular Clone Trooper. I took out the rubber parts, resculpted everything, I made a mechanism for the shoulder pads (the previous ones didn't have it), and I made a ponytail with Magic Sculp which I later casted in rubber so it can bend, being able of moving freely her head.

I chromed slightly her shoulder pads, and painted with Tamiya Clear Yellow the lightsaber.

So this is the definitive version until I have another attack of perfectionism and I make a better one ;) .

Friday, May 4, 2012

Classic White Tiger Marvel Universe custom by Argenta Customs

This is my first Marvel Universe custom, made for a friend of the Realm ;) . It depicts White Tiger in his classic costume. The base figure is the translucent Vision. Leg, head, torso, gloves and amulet made with Magic Sculp. The chain comes from a naval modelism add-on.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shion Aries Broken Version Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom 牡羊座のシオン

And here it is the comrade of Dohko, Shion, in the same broken version as in the final of the war against Hades. In this case I sculpted the hair of Shion as I didn't have the original handy. As with Dohko, painted the cracks, cutted up and bashed a bit the armour and in this case rescultped the feet.

Dohko Libra Broken version Myth Cloth Saint Seiya 童虎 聖闘士星矢

Here it is the golden saint of Libra, Dohko. This customs represents Dohko at the end of the war against Hades, when alongside Shion was the only survivor of the war. 

I have resculpted some pieces, and others have just been brokened up to represent heavy damage. I've also painted some blood and scratches here and there.

Eden Orion Saint Seiya Omega custom Myth Cloth オリオン座のエデン 聖闘士星矢Ω

This is Eden Orion, from the new anime series of Saint Seiya Omega. I made this custom even before the design of the character was fully shown, I made it from the promotional pic where only half of his body could be seen, so I designed the rest myself basing on the constellation and the armour of the previous Orion Saint (that appeared in a OVA).

In this occasion, all armour except the leg protection was sculpted. The head was casted from Afrodita Piscis. The body and hands are from Shiryu Dragon.

I made specially this custom for a Saint Seiya fan magazine, to show the technique of printing the eyes in a decal to get more perfection.