Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hal Jordan as Orange Lantern DC Classics custom

Hi to all, here is Hal Jordan Orange Lantern in DCUC style. If you didn't know, I will tell you that this figure only exists in DC Direct at a exhorbitant price (as it was a very limited edition) so I thought "why not make a better version with a DC Classics?".

It has been from a Hal Jordan figure, with the DC Direct Orange Lantern head casted, sculpted boots, armbands and orange ring, and given a JLU Stewart lantern. The painting was the most tricky thing to do; I carefully painted with matt black and I painted first with normal orange vallejo (that was a good colour, but it wasn't metallic and it really wasn't the same) and then a coat of metallized orange. For the logo as usual, a repro one made with my printer.

Now on eBay.

Speed Young Avengers Marvel Legends Custom

Here is Speed, member of the Young Avengers.

Pavel Rasputin GeNext Marvel Legends custom

Here is Pavel Rasputin, grandson of Colossus and son of Polaris, member of GeNext.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Living Lightning Marvel Legends custom

Here is Living Lightning, an Avenger that first appeared in the 90s and end up retiring to go to university. Now on eBay.

Hyperion Marvel Legends custom

Here is Hyperion, one of those so many times customized characters. As usual, I have gone for a wrestling deluxe base for a bulky superhero. The head is from a DC Direct figure that was sitting around for 2 years and it was time to get rid of it. The cloak is from DCUC Ares, and the logo is designed and printed by me, it took 3 attempts to get it right.

Now on eBay.

Paladin Marvel Legends Custom

Here is Paladin, another member of the Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts. I think the modern version is more interesting than the classical one. He is being auctioned in eBay.

The base figure is Punisher, sculpted armor and headgear. Pistols are some random pistol cast.

Headsman Thunderbolts Marvel Legends custom

This is the Headsman, a henchman of Norman Osborn that first appeared against Spiderman and was lately reused to form the Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts. I thought he is a cool looking character and one of the few that fits well with a small Movie Hulk.

The head has been completely sculpted, foamy for all brown protections, epoxied the little spheres, made from scratch the axe, head of Black Manta DCUC for the backpack and out of two plastic drink-mats his flying disc. Now on eBay.

Ant-Man III Night Ops Marvel Legends Custom

Here is Ant-Man III (Eric O'Grady) in his cool night operations outfit. I stripped a Silver Savage of the unnecessary parts, re-sculpted the leg and forearm protectors, his waist, and redid completely the head. The antennas are made from fine metallic wire. Get it on eBay.