Thursday, April 25, 2019

End of season for custom orders

This is a short post to let everyone now that we will be ending the customizing season today, so we won't be able to take more comissions from now on, until after the summer in any case. 

So, happy summer holidays for everyone. We will be working on the commissioned orders until mid June approximately, or simply until all are finished.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ashtar (Ninja Gaiden) Custom Action Figure

Lately I don't even have the time to post my customs... here is a short update. Behold Ashtar, just freshly finished yesterday! was asked to do this character, didn't know it existed before. One of the coolest commissions I've had lately. 

I considered doing him over a MOTUC; but it would have looked silly, too fatso. The choice of the 6" Blizzard head at first looked a bit off, but once everything is into place, is the right size. Sword was made from scratch, and the rest is sculpting one way or another, as you can see in the early wip pic.


Various Wrestling deluxe figures
Blizzard head
Batman MOTUC cloak

Albiore Grip Chain Version v2 (Saint Seiya) Custom Action Figure

Here it is my second version of Albiore, this I call the grip chain version as I made the chains shorter so he could grip them better. Those who have customized Myth Cloth figures will know that they are some of the most complicated figures to customize, everything needs to look clean and crisp, all colours must be bright, and usually there are tons of sculpting.

All armour except arms and feet have been sculpted from scratch.