Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hagen of Merak Beta Repaint improve Myth Cloth custom Saint Seiya ベータ星メラクのハーゲン EX

When I had in hand the Myth Cloth Hagen Merak figure, I saw it wasn't what I was expecting. Normally the Myth are either flawless or very good, except the first figures they made. But this figure, although it was made after many great figures, had some important defects, defects that weren't permissible in a figure that has this value and with the quality of this line.

So, with some tweaks I tried to lift it up to standard.

This is how it was;


I repainted his face, giving him the correct tone of flesh, before it was too pale. I repainted the eyes, and I repainted the armour to make it red instead of pink. And I repainted the eyes of the mask. And I took the small wings of the feet and glued them directly to the leg protection to prevent the tube effect of the original figure that spoils it.

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