Sunday, June 28, 2020

Heracles Algheti Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom figure

This is Algheti, silver saint of Heracles. A iconic character from the original anime, for his different unique style.

Ox Gorgon Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Custom Hades Specter

This is our custom of Gorgon Ox, made in Myth Cloth style. Ready to fight the Gold Saints, or be substituted by them!

Elf Mills Saint Seiya Hades Specter Myth Cloth custom figure

This is our custom of Elf Mills, specter of Hades. Made over an Iron Spider-man, some Myth cloth armour for skirt, all the rest sculpted by hand.

Leo Skeletor brown variant India Masters of the Universe MOTU custom

This is my custom version of Leo Skeletor, variant 2. Apparently, Leo toys in India made two versions of Skeletor, one wrong, the other even more :) .  So much that it actually makes for a cool custom figure. Casted parts in brown-sand colour, skeletor repaint, and hand sculpted made in india.

Leo Skeletor Standard variant Masters of the Universe vintage MOTU custom figure

This is a curious custom I made past year, Skeletor as he was made in India, under Leo Toys. They misfollowed the "instructions", so to speak, and they produced the figures with various differences from the originals, so much that Mattel ended their partnership and ordered the destruction of the remaining figures made.

Anyway, as they are insanely rare (unless you go to India to search for them) this is my custom version of the first variant, the black one. I used a Webstor body, casted the parts and even sculpted a "Made in India" on his back to be 100 % loyal to the original.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Admiral Screed 3.75" Star Wars Custom Figure Droids

I bring you another Star Wars custom, none else than Admiral Screed himself;

I was looking among my Indiana Jones figures for using them in dioramas and others for Star Wars, and I found the german biker I had, missing a finger and with his nose chopped off, plus some equipment missing. Just after seeing the Droids series... he was nearly halfway already into being Screed! Such a easy custom I could not let pass. I am not one of those which customizes figures from it's own collection, but he was in very poor condition, and not being a rare figure I thought he would be much happy as a Screed than as a half wounded third reich soldier :) . 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

MAGGOTT X-MEN Marvel Legends Custom Figure The Fwoosh Summer Swap

This is the custom figure I made for the Fwoosh Secret Summer Swap of 2020. Made with a Neca Guile (as last picture shows). Made for Fwoosher easylivinguk. Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Atlas Carina Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom figure

Here is my custom figure of Atlas Carina, as he appeared in the movie Legend of the Crimson Youth, one of the strongest characters in Saint Seiya.

Dr. Rigel (Asamori Hakase) v2 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom figure

This is my second version of Prof. Rigel (Asamori Hakase in the original), creator of the Steel Saints in Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac, this time made with a Sandman body, I think better suited than my first Dr. Xavier base body. If I remember well, the head is from Longshot.

Glasses made out of clear plastic.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Spaceport Officer Droids cartoon Star Wars action figure custom

Spaceport Officer; while taking screenshots to make the Sais Fromm henchman, I saw this guy writing on a side (we'll have to assume that is a ipad he is writing on!) and thought, how random is that guy, and irrelevant to the story, I should make him! for the sake of Star Wars collectability. It looks actually rather cool. I took a son of Indiana Jones, a Duke head, and Mace Windu's boots, and with some epoxy here he is. I attach picture from where I took him, as it's impossible anybody remembers :) . 

RC-15, Mace Windu's astromech (Star Wars) Custom Action Figure

For a change, a custom made for my collection :) . I am in Star Wars mood, and hence, I saw a parfum tap lying around (I tend not to throw away anything that is solid and non-perishable :P) and said, god, that is screaming an astromech to be made on him!

Casuality (or utter chaos!) brought in the legs of the GI Joe ARAH cobra drill, which look tremendously like astromech legs. A bit of drilling and most of the job was there. Then, another out of the box idea came to me, and is to use spare decal paper from a VR Trooper ship (I told you! absolutely nothing gets thrown away :P) which kept the chrome plated and design. A bit of cutting out here and there, and then, I was tempted of leaving it as is, but I decided to finish the job, sculpting eyes and periscope, and chroming them. A milk bottle tap to cover the bottom and voilà, Mace Windu has his own, signature female Astromech. A bit like the aces on Resistance have their personalized droid, Mace Windu cannot be less :).

Phaeton v2 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom figure Anime accurate version

This is Phaeton, in anime accurate version, as in his last appearances on the anime of Saint Seiya.