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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Bengal 7" Marvel Legends custom figure

Here is Bengal, in modern style :) , like the Invasion comics of Bendis. Muscular and powerhouse, hence done in 7" while in the style of Hasbro's Legends. More or less same design as my first version I did with a Toybiz yellowjacket, but refined all around. As a curiosity, I had to wait for the grass to unfreeze to be able to take the exterior jungle pic :)

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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Walter "Doc" Hartford Galaxy Rangers Custom figure

This is Walter "Doc" Hartford, one of the main characters of Galaxy Rangers. Was asked to do him over a Bravestarr body, which took vast amounts of sanding and cutting, and engineering to make his accesories fit. This is my second custom in this style. Most complex was doing his hat, as always, to make it look natural and fit took more time than some easy customs do! #custom #customfigure #argenta #argenta2008 #dochartford #galaxyrangers #bravestarr 


Ashley Zolomon Flash DC Comics custom figure

Here is Ashley Zolomon, character appearing in the Flash, famous for having been the ex-wife of Dr. Zoom. Made as in her first appearances. Was hard to find images to depict her in this style, as only close ups could be found. Made using a America Chavez body with Rogue AoA head. #custom #customfigure #argenta #argenta2008 #dc #flash #barryallen #wallywest #ashleyzolomon #drzoom #reverseflash


Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Julie Jackam and Josh DC flash custom figure policewoman

And here is Julie Jackam, a ex-girlfriend of the Flash, and relevant to have had a children with the Weather Wizard that inherited his father's powers. Chose a ML base figure, and most difficult was sculpting completely from scratch the little baby, Josh, out of molten plastic.


Fred Chyre and Jared Morillo Flash DC custom action figures

 Here are Fred Chyre and Jared Morillo, a pair of police investigators who frequently appeared in the Flash Comics. Used a wrestler figure for Chyre that was hard to find, and the typical Everett Ross for Jared Morillo, with a power rangers head. 

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Docrates soldier (Saint Seiya) Custom Action Figure


Here is the Docrates soldier! faithful minions of Docrates, sporting more or less the same armour but in dark colours. These troopers did have a vintage figure made, but it was only a small statue given with a playset. Too obscure to be made into official figure, hence customizing kicks in. Used as much Myth Cloth parts as possible and the rest sculpting.

Chimera Masters of the Universe Classics custom figure

Here is Chimera, a monster used by Count Marzo in the Filmation cartoon. I used a Sabretooth marvel legends so he stands slightly taller than a MOTUC, and still looks good for style among the Classics figures. I made a bonus wolf-bat, which was most probaby the more difficult part of this custom. Inspired by the MOTUC visions artwork.