Saturday, September 18, 2021

Eligor Mantis v2 Saint Seiya OVA Custom Myth Cloth figure

This is my second version of Eligor Mantis, here I tried to be more loyal to the OVA, painting him silver, and his nails dark green. An all sculpt all around, the only reused thing was the hands and feet.

Black Hound Juno Saint Seiya Custom Myth Cloth Gaiden action figure manga

 Here is my custom figure of Black Hound Juno, a character only appearing in some Saint Seiya manga. Shoulder pads and long coat are removable.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Snig & Oopla custom figures Star Wars live show 3.75

 Here are Snig & Oopla, presenters of the Star Wars live show. These were an unusual petition from a client, but a fun one to do :) . They were rather complicated to do, as to transfer reality to plastic in 3.75 inches, is a challenge. But I am quite happy how they turned out, and so was the client. Ones I might do for myself one day as well.

Plenty of soft goods were needed, and to follow Star Wars figures traditions too.




Darth Marr v1 Star Wars custom figure 3.75 inch

 I started doing this custom for my own collection, but was asked to do one while I was in middle of working with him, so I finished him for my client. First time I used my "pointy" lightsaber technique, to make him look more vicious and menacing. Need to do one for my collection now :) .



Sunday, August 22, 2021

Zayne Power Rangers villain Zoom Comics custom figure Lightning Collection

This is Zayne, a villain from Power Rangers which I did for the Fwoosh Summer Swap event. It looked the coolest of the ones I could do, so with him I went. The toughest part was to hand sculpt all the head, as there was nothing quite like him to reuse. I did him over a Wrestling mattel figure, which gave him a bigger presence over the regular Power Rangers.


WIP Pic;

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Rung Saint Seiya Giant custom figure Myth Cloth anime OVA Asgard

This is my custom Rung figure, made over a Myth Cloth Tholl figure. Tons of sculpting went into producing this unique custom figure.

Geist v4 Animated Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom figure Marvel

And here is my new Geist, this time with a Spiderwoman body. I've realized a Myth Cloth is not the best for this character, and thought the modern ML Spiderwoman would be perfect. I used casted from my previous Geists, and Myth Cloth hands. This time I tried with chroming his facemask, to be more accurate. I think it is my best Geist up to date.