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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

False Face MOTUC (Masters of the Universe) Custom Action Figure

Here is my custom of False Face MOTUC. Made as in the fanart artwork MOTUC visions I think, a very good reinterpretation. Hence I gave him 4 different swappable heads, and custom crossbow. Made using mainly dragstor body, with zodac boots. As bonus I made candle imp :) .

Snake Clan Guard (Masters of the Universe) Custom Action Figure

My second MOTUC version, in order to stand along Zilora like in Filmation. Made him slightly different, to look well among his other companion, I used a different head and made small adjustments. Same recipe, Dragstor body, changing feet.

Wild West Rangers (Power Rangers) Custom Action Figure

 These are some customs I did last year, depicting the appearance of them in the old mighty morphin power rangers series, where one ranger is sent back to the past, and they form these new incarnation of the rangers. Relatively easy, was more complicated hunting down the base figures as they had become rare since they were released!

Geist bandai version (Saint Seiya) Custom Action Figure

This is another of my Geist customs. This time I made her with a Rita Repulsa figure, that fits very well the character, giving her the right size against Seiya. Chromed mask, as my latest ones, and I was asked to be very accurate on the sculpting, which I also did. Also, I varnished with glossy varnish all the armour to make her more like what Bandai would do if they released her.

Starlord (Marvel Legends) Custom Action Figure

This is the custom my brother (other half of Argenta Customs :) ) did for last year's Instagram Custom Secret Summer Swap. In his words; "Here is the figure I made for the Legendary Secret Custom Summer Swap! Didn't know this version of Starlord, and seemed cool, so I went for him. As an extra I gave him a fine sword, as he did use in some of his early comics." I did some slight help on the star of the belt :) .

Yellow & Pink Rangers modifications (Power Rangers) Custom Action Figure

These are two minor modifications I did, gold armour for Pink Ranger and skirt for Yellow Ranger, which sometimes she wore. Made with foamy the latter and epoxy the armour.

Xeno Vegeta v2 (Dragonball Z) Custom Action Figure heroes SH Figuarts

Here is my second version of Xeno Vegeta. A custom I did for myself, extending and making more different than the original videogame character, and here I repeated him for a customer, this time with more extras, much more poseability, damaged mask, etc.