Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ricardo ヒカルド Lord of Darkness Kinnikuman Ultimate Muscle custom キン肉マン



Here it is Ricardo. He is a character from Ultimate Muscle (Kinnikuman Nisei), the new cartoon that spinned off the original series (where the MUSCLE minifigures came from). I discovered this character playing the PSP game Kinnikuman Generations, the first one I played with to get the catch on the game. Afterwards it became a favourite character. I discovered what was his name (the game is in japanese) and decided to customize it in all it's glory (it is painted like in the game, that I suppose is the manga version, as it differs from what I have seen in the cartoon by youtube). (the character is really a monster in disguise, hence the name "Lord of Darkness")

Made over a Wrestling deluxe figure, with a completely sculpted from scratch head. I left unpainted the flesh colour, as it was the same colour and it gives him a nice toy touch.

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