Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ramenman ラーメンマン Musculator Musculman

Here is Ramenman, one of the basic characters of Kinnikuman series (on which the MUSCLE figurines were based). I recently discovered that besides the Romando figures existed a 6 inch line for the Kinnikuman Nisei line, so I searched for them and bought Kevin Mask and Ramen Man.

The bad (or good) thing; they needed some work on them. The original figures had unpainted knees and elbows (why on earth was that done I don't know), had a too thick moustache and small flat feet. Besides that, it was the manga version, and I wanted the anime one (only difference being green jacket and sandals). Oh, and the original figure had a too pale flesh tone, so I corrected that too.

Hope you like it. The last pic shows the "before".

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