Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dark Falcon Marvel Legends custom

This is an original concept, of a Falcon turned evil. This custom was 2nd in the Figurealm contest Mirror Images. Here is the history;

During a flight to Rio Janeiro, Sam "Snap" Wilson's plane crashed in a island called Exile, where Red Skull was hiding out. Red Skull captured him, and started testing on Sam Wilson the powers of the Cosmic Cube to try and make him a super-henchman, but, suddenly, the unexpected happens, and Sam Wilson is given super-human strength but retains his free, evil will (at this moment, Sam Wilson was a proffessional criminal and gang member). From this moment, he continues his career of crime with his new found powers and a black-market turbo-jet backpack invented by Norman Osborn, and adopts the new of the Dark Falcon to instigate fear in the hearts of rival gangs and superheroes alike.

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