Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dr. Dare (Dr. Doom Mirror Image) Marvel Legends custom

Here is Dr. Dare, Dr. Doom's mirror image, a custom created for the Mirror Images Figurealm contest. It was third in the contest.

Here is the original history;

When Reed Richards pointed out the error in Victor Van Dare calculations, instead of arrogantly ignore Reed Richards, he revised the calculations and found out that Richards was right. This started a friendship with Reed Richards, and after abandoning his experiment experiment to communicate with the dead, returns to Latveria to overthrow the corrupt ruler, during the battle he received severe wounds in his face and had to wear a mask. After the victory, he was acclaimed as new king in a new parliamentary monarchy. From his headquartes in Castle Dare, he helps the Fantastic Four in their adventures protecting Earth, with a advanced technology suit, with a laser inspired in Latveria's XVII century guns.

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