Friday, October 21, 2011

Iron Man Bleeding Edge custom Marvel Select

Here is my first Marvel Select custom, Iron Man in his latest armour, the Bleeding Edge one. Based on the Marvel Select movie Iron Man, with lots of sanding and sculpting. I have decided to maintain flaps as they give a very cool impression. It took more time than usual but I think the result was worth it.


  1. Very impressive, I'd pay to have a Bleeding Edge Iron Man Marvel Select figure in my collection, the Extremis Iron Man seemed so half-assed. Very impressive work.

  2. Would it be outrageous to ask what you would make one for? I'd really like to add this to my collection and replace that scrawny Extremis figure. If not I completely understand. :)

  3. I'm actually planning on working on my own custom, tips would be fantastic. I'm wanting to take the upcoming Marvel Select Venom with the interchangable heads and make a custom Flash Thompson Venom figure. Possibly give him my MS Deadpool's M-16 etc etc.