Monday, April 30, 2012

Ice Sorceror Masters of the Universe 200X Classics MOTUC custom

From the cold heights of Eternia, comes the Ice Sorceror! an alien being who arrived long ago to the planet, seeking the magical knowledge of Eternia, specifically, the Ice Book of Spells, a book written by the Council of Elders and hidden in the frozen mountains where the Kulataks dwell. 

He's found it now, and his next step is to enter Castle Grayskull so he can decipher the forbidden spells in the book!

This is a character created by myself many years ago, when I didn't have customizing knowledge, and now I have given him a good representation in action figure form.


Dr Midnite body
Hal Jordan and Deadman hands
Alan Scott lower legs
Ice He-Man Shoulder pad

The book of Ice Spells is made out of transparent plastic, printed paper and cloth thread. The cover is hand painted. 

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