Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DC Universe Green Lantern custom MANHUNTER HIGHMASTER (300th custom Argenta-2008)

Here is my 300th custom!! (well, not exactly, actually I've made a bit more, but it is the 300th custom I upload in FigureRealm). This custom is the Manhunter Highmaster, the father of all the Manhunter robots of the DC Universe. It has been made over a Apocalypse BAF, and I've made from scratch all his head, including light-up eyes and even sound!

About the character, I read one of the Millenium issue where he appears 2 years ago, and lately I was thinking of what to do for my 300th and I thought this will be quite impressive. I'm a fan of the whole Millenium series and of the Manhunters so this was a must for my collection. I'm still waiting for the arrival of the DCUC Manhunter so I have been unable to make pics with him.

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