Sunday, October 13, 2019

Odin Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Custom Action Figure

Here I present you a very old custom, just the third Saint Seiya custom I made. Using a chinese pirate version of the Odin armour, and giving it the head of Hyoga, as if it was a young Odin.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wilykit 2011 tv series (Thundercats) Custom Action Figure

And there cannot be Wilykat without Wilykit! I used a Cheetara to make her, and tons of sanding & sculpting. It was a challenge, and sad to see her go.

As an extra accesory, I made a Candy Fruit as in the memorable episode where they get hyperactive after eating them. Both Candy Fruit and flute were 100 % Apoxie Sculpt.

Wilykat 2011 (Thundercats) Custom Action Figure

Up here is Wilikat, to vary a bit from posting Saint Seiya and Green Lantern customs. This is Wilikat in it's 2011 form, and up to scale and super articulated as the rest of the line. They were going to be released by Bandai, but apparently the line was cancelled before they could be made, so just the very tiny versions for the 3.75 line existed.

I was asked to do these, and I used a Lion O 3.75 to get the likeness and similar articulations. I loved the series, pity that were cancelled. It was a wonderful revamp, one of the best in my opinions, as some things in the original series never catched my interest, and the 2011 series was beautifully plotted.

Anyway, hope you like him.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Meadlux Green Lantern DC Universe Classics Custom Figure

This is Meadlux, a very sinister member of the Green Lanterns. A easy custom, I used a Lex Luthor casted head, and molten green plastic as energy constructs.

Auriga Capela Saint Seiya Myth Cloth custom

This is Auriga Capella, one of the most important knights not made yet by Bandai. One of those characters I hadn't made before. Sculpted hair, armour, used Dragon shields as cutting disks.

Albiore Cepheus anime version Myth Cloth Saint Seiya

This is Albiore Cepheus, with colours trying to achieve a closer resemblance to the anime. I used casted parts from my previous Albiore custom.

K'ryssma Green Lantern DC Classics custom figure

Here it is the custom of K'ryssma, Green Lantern corps member. An obscure character not seen very much. I used a Psylocke body, with Storm head, and hair sculpted with rubber compound.