Wednesday, March 13, 2019

SLIMOR MOTUC - Our 600th custom! - Masters of the Universe Master of Evil Slime!

It's been long, but here it is, our 600th custom! not a easy one, but it had to be done! nothing could stop us!

Slimor comes from the depths of the Etherian Ruins, came alive thanks to Hordak's magic! instead of having to capture or subdue the enemy before "sliming" it, now the Slime Pit will come to them!

Using legs and arms from a MOTUC body (Zodac), forearms from Marvel Legends Toxin, we completely created from scratch the torso, head, shoulder pads, horde logo and feet. Slime gun created from a syringe. Slime from Nickelodeon Slime, well seasoned so it became sticky, degraded and better suited for Slimor!

YouTube video;

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Dolphin v2 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Custom Figure ドルフィン

This is my second version of the Dolphin Saint, one of the Ghost Saints. I made him over a Hyoga Cygnus body, using some parts of his armour and resculpting the rest. This must be one of the few depictions of a Dolphin in an evil way :) . 

Turytt Green Lantern DC Custom Action figure

This is Turytt, the Doomsdayesque Green Lantern of sector 786. A curious character to make. At the start I thought about doing him over a MOTUC body, but in the end I thought it would look too short and shabby, so I went for a wrestling deluxe body with Mongul's head. Sculpted bone protuberances, logo and hair, and energy construct out of molten plastic. Sorry for the pictures, I took them with my mobile phone messing around with the settings and I am afraid they are rather too bright.

April O'Neill Classic TMNT Vintage Cartoon custom figure Neca

I've just finished this custom figure of April O Neill, as she appeared in the original TMNT cartoon. One of those characters I could do nearly with my eyes closed, having seen her so many times. A iconic character from the 80s. Made over a Neca April O Neill figure, head of Wasp ML.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Jean Grey X-Men:Red (Marvel Legends) Custom Action Figure

Here is Jean Grey in his modern X-Men red suit. A cool upgrade of the character, one of the few important characters that have been bold enough to change colour and suit. It varies awfully from one issue to another, so it was quite difficult to stick with one depiction. Used a Marvel Legends woman, I think another kind of Jean Grey, head and hair from fodder parts. This is my 599th custom, get ready for my 600th one!