Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hal Jordan as Orange Lantern DC Classics custom

Hi to all, here is Hal Jordan Orange Lantern in DCUC style. If you didn't know, I will tell you that this figure only exists in DC Direct at a exhorbitant price (as it was a very limited edition) so I thought "why not make a better version with a DC Classics?".

It has been from a Hal Jordan figure, with the DC Direct Orange Lantern head casted, sculpted boots, armbands and orange ring, and given a JLU Stewart lantern. The painting was the most tricky thing to do; I carefully painted with matt black and I painted first with normal orange vallejo (that was a good colour, but it wasn't metallic and it really wasn't the same) and then a coat of metallized orange. For the logo as usual, a repro one made with my printer.

Now on eBay.

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